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For those who love to fish, the thought of flying or driving with heavy, cumbersome rods and gear is a hassle. So, Gypsy Wind makes it easy by renting the same gear we fish with every day in the waters around North Cap to our guests. And these aren't your clunky abused rental reels and rods, but world-class gear to help you land your fish of a lifetime. 


  • 3 Penn Spinfisher 3500 Reels with 20lb mono, paired with Spinfisher rod

  • 1 Penn Spinfisher 5500 with 40lb mono

  • 20 & 50lb Leader spools

  • Terminal tackle box- snaps, swivels, and bait hooks. 

  • Jighead Box- assorted jigs in various sizes and weights. These are the most popular jig heads we use for inshore and offshore species.

  • Soft plastics- a variety of soft lures, including Salt Strong 3.5" Slam Shady (if you gave me only one lure, this would be it!), Z Man, Hogy, and a variety of shrimp patterns.

  • Hard Lures- surface, subsurface, and diving plugs

  • Floats- several popping corks and floats

  • Sand Flea scoop net

  • Minnow net

  • Shrimp Bait Containers

  • 2 BAIT RODS pinfish



Try Slow Pitch Jigging, the hottest new fishing technique for fishing from 20'- over 1,000'+.

  • 2 Daiwa Saltist Star Drag Reel w PE0 Rods

  • 20 & 30lb leader spools

  • 10 Jimmy Jig, micro and light jigs 40g- 100g

  • Nomad Vertrex Vibe & Squidtrex lures

  • terminal tackle swivels

  • nothing else is needed :)

Offshore or Spearfishing


Please ask about an offshore heavy trolling outfit or our introductory spearfishing gear. If you want to use Standup Paddleboards on the boat, ask about inflatable SUPs and fun excursion destinations. Guests are responsible for safely using all gear and following all regulations regarding fish harvesting,  environmental regulations, and all FWC compliance.

Helpful Links & APPS

Tarpon Love_edited.jpg


*****PRO PACKAGE*****


This package is designed for anglers who want world-class gear to target trophy fish. Exceptional casting, buttery drags, rods that can finesse lures or muscle bull reds, 40+" snook, or even tarpon. This package has you covered, but be careful; once you try these RODS & REELS, you'll never want to go back. 

  • Shimano Stella FJ 3000 with 20lb braid on Bull Bay Bolt 7' 6" med fast rod. IMO, THE ULTIMATE INSHORE SETUP I'VE EVER FISHED!!!

  • Daiwa Saltist 3000, same setup as above

  • Daiwa BG MQ 6000, 55lb braid on Phenix Black Diamond 7'6" medium fast rod

  • Quantum Boca60, 55lb braid on 7' boat rod

  • Avet HXW 5/2 RAPTOR 2 Speed Lever Drag Casting Reel on Bull Bay Assault Baitcasting med heavy. GREAT KNOCKER RIG.

  • Van Staal VR200, 55lb braid, 40lbs drag pressure on Bull Bay Reel Animals nearshore 7'11" Medium Fast. Grouper, Tarpon, & Offshore beasts will yield! 

  • 20, 30, 50, & 80lb fluoro leader

  • Terminal Tackle

  • Jighead box

  • Soft Plastics- including large Hogy and Z Man jerk baits, crab patterns

  • Hard Lures- Surface, Sub, and Diving plugs

  • Large live bait rigs. Circle hooks, XL shark hooks with wire leader, heavy lead. 

  • Weights for chicken rigs, knockers, and pyramid lead


flyfish beach.jpg

Just 30 steps from your home lie some of the best saltwater fly fishing waters you'll find anywhere on earth. Large snook and redfish cruise just a few feet offshore, hoping to ambush the millions of baitfish that pass our island yearly. Whether you are experienced or want to try fly fishing for the first time, this outfit is exceptional.

  • Orvis 9' 9WT Helios 3D

  • Hydros Large Arbor reel with slow sink WF 9wt line

  • Leaders & material for shock tippet

  • Streamer Box- variety of weighted and unweighted streamers that match our baitfish

  • Box shrimp, crab, and surface flies



Included with every package:

  • Pliers (removing hooks, cutting line)

  • Scissors (trimming line, specifically braid)

  • Hook removers (bait and fish)

  • Bogagrip

  • Bait Knife

  • Fillet Knife

  • Bait/Filet table mounts in gimbal

  • Gaff (5')

  • Landing Net

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